Lesson 9: The Product-Market Fit Journey

The Product-Market Fit Journey

The journey to PLG success is always a journey to product-market fit.

Even if you had product-market fit before, moving to PLG changes your product significantly (and usually also the market segment you operate in), and so any product-market fit you had before is no longer relevant.

In this lesson, you will learn what a typical product-market fit journey looks like and how to navigate it successfully using the Product Circuit framework.

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      Unboxing PLG Syllabus

      Section 1


      Section 2

      The Essence of
      Product-Led Growth

      Section 3

      To PLG or not to PLG?

      Section 4

      Product-Led Growth Strategy

      Section 5

      Choosing Your Product-Led Growth Model

      Section 6

      From Strategy to Launch

      Section 7

      Preparing the Org

      Section 8

      From Launch to Success

      Section 9

      Product-Led Monetization

      Section 10

      Navigating the End-to-End Journey to Success

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